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Introducing The Stay Put Picnic Blanket

Introducing the Stay Put Picnic Blanket. 35 square feet of US made heavy duty cotton with stitched seams and brass grommets. Use tent stakes to keep you blanket from rolling, folding and wrinkling while you eat.

That’s not all folks, use the grommets and cord to make a quick shade cloth on Sunny Days.

There’s more, the Stay Put Picnic Tarp makes great splat mats and play mats. Place them anywhere. And try this, lace cord through the grommets and you have a drag bag. Fill with linens, laundry, or soft stuff and drag it where needed.

The Stay Put Picnic blanket is 100% cotton, machine washable and has the Oregon Tarp Company Label.

We sell wholesale. Find our products at Costless Tarps in Gold Hill and Ashland Food Coop. Great for wineries, gift shops and delicacy food stores.

Winter Left You In Tatters?



Is your carport feeling exposed? Cover it up! A 10×20 frame outfit in poly is only 75.00. Dress it up with heavy duty vinyl for only 250.00 more.

Have a dark brown snap Costco frame? No problem, our formal vinyl fits that size too. Let your frame be proud under our beautiful blue shade cloth with side curtains. Or show it off in our white 12 mil poly with valanced sides. Don’t be modest, dress up your frame. We’ve got something for every size and style.

Check out our special discount for purchases of 300.00 or more.

Frames need love to.


Our Hats Are In

Get Your Collectible Oregon Tarp Company Hat Today!

Quality, Attractive Hats keep the harsh Summer sun off your face. Be cool and stay cool in one of our OTP hats. Popping colors, camo or truckers hats, we’ve got one for everyone. Call us to order, only 25.00 each.

Adjustable and fitted hats available.

Call Us at 541-951-2861


Shade Tarps Cool Summer Heat

We carry hundreds of sizes of cooling shade tarps in a variety of colors. We ship right to your door. Create an instant cool, shady place in your yard today. Heavy duty and durable, our shade tarps will last year after year. Dress up your yard with black, green, blue or tan shade cloth. Fully seamed and grommeted our tarps are ready to use.

Greenhouse Succulents Prosper

Greenhouse Succulents Prosper

Easy and fun to grow. Keep them healthy through the Winter in a Costless Tarps’ backyard greenhouse. Affordable and durable, greenhouses are great for storage and plant protection. From Sedum to Haworthia, succulents prosper in greenhouses and outside. Our friendly staff will help you decide which greenhouse suits your needs. And visit our collection of succulents, they will make you smile.
Replacement Tan Vinyl Carport Cover

Vinyl Lasts Longer

Stronger Vinyl Lasts Longer Upgrade From Your Poly Carport Cover To Heavy Duty Vinyl Just In, Oregon Tarp Company Heavy Duty Vinyl Carport Covers last 10-15 years. No more changing your plastic cover every few years. Vinyl covers are thick and heavy duty. And made in the USA. Each cover comes with the same detailing as the poly covers. 12″ flaps on the sides create a rain diverting valance. Interior seams connect to the frame using ball bungees. Hemmed rope in the front and back pulls tight to create a snug fit. Additionally, heavy duty vinyl covers come in a variety of attractive colors. Tan, blue, gray, white and forest green to name a few. Come check out our new covers at 255 Rogue River Hwy., Gold Hill OR.

Greenhouse Season Is Here

Get your greenhouse Today. Greenhouse Season is Here. Start your plants off right. Keep them warm on cold mornings and protected from the wind and varmints.

We carry Shelter Logic heavy duty greenhouses.

Our quick assembly Accelaframe 12×20 greenhouse is a best seller at only 850.00. Need something larger? Try the 12×24 Grow It Greenhouse running up at only 775.00. How about a hobby house, at only 250.00 our 6x8x6 is perfect for a small backyard on a budget.

All greenhouse have a ratchet tight tarp system so your cover stays snug. Front and rear zip up doors come standard on the larger greenhouses. 12″ vents roll up on each side for air flow and cooling.

Come see our floor model at 255 Rogue River Hwy in Gold Hill.


We now have the Monkey Fingers Adjustable Bungee Cord. They are here. The adjustable bungee cord. Adjusts from 6″ to 60″. Made of heavy duty marine rubber. Contains no metal parts to scratch paint.

Eliminates the need for different sizes. Affordable, long lasting and easy to use. Try one out today. Only $5 each on our website under bungee cords. Be prepared. Keep them in your garage, shop, car and camping gear.

Join Us At The Jackson County Expo For The Spring Garden Fair May 6 & 7, 2017

Spring is here, come see what’s new at the annual Spring Garden Fair

The Spring Garden Fair is around the corner. Costless Tarps will be there. Visit our display and find screen mesh, picnic tarps, new planters and succulents. In addition, economical greenhouses are available for purchase. Also, check out one of our larger models at our Gold Hill store. The Garden Fair is a sponsored event and offers an array of local services and plants.

This is the premier gardening event in Jackson County. The fair signals the beginning of the summer gardening season in the Rogue Valley. For 38 years The Jackson County Master Gardener™ Association is proud to sponsor the annual Spring Garden Fair. Always held the first weekend in May at the Jackson County Expo. Furthermore, over 100 exhibitors will sell and provide valuable information on plants and landscaping. Visit the free gardening demonstrations during the show.

Use your Frame To Make A Simple, Economical Carport Greenhouse

Use your frame to make a carport greenhouse

Make a carport greenhouse with your carport frame size 10×20 to 30×40 and our clear poly covers. Our 14 mil clear poly carport covers and enclosure kits will protect your plants from rain and frost. Our clear poly tarps are the economical solution to a quick and easy greenhouse. Use only the valanced top carport cover (comes with 10″ flaps on each side) or the whole enclosure kit. See these items at Our happy customer (pictured) has a greenhouse full of Summer starts. Converting your carport frame into a greenhouse takes a minimal amount of time and effort. No tools required.

Our heavy duty, UV-resistant, fiber reinforced polyethylene kits are washable, shrink-proof and rot-proof. All covers are rope reinforced with rust resistant grommets every 18 inches. Convert these structures to create limitless uses. Use them as a work space to allow natural light in and keep rain out. Clear tarps are great for animal shelters to create a bright space in the Winter. Don’t wait, get your greenhouse tarps today.