12×12 Medium Duty Camouflage Tarp

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  • Product Description

    12x12 Camouflage Tarp Special, actual size 11.6x11.6

    The camouflage tarp is a necessity now that Outdoor season is here. You have found the perfect tarp to blend in with natural surroundings. Use this Green and brown mottled tarp to cover and hide anything. Camouflage tarps are polyethelyne 10-by-10 mesh weave count, 8 mil thick and weighs 4.8 ounces per square yard. Furthermore, each tarp is laminated and treated for rot and UV protection. Most noteworthy, rope reinforced edges and heavy duty rust resistant aluminum grommets are used on every tarp. In addition, they are waterproof. Because of their versatility, camouflage tarps are used for any protective application. Use Camouflage tarps for hunting, fishing and camping. Don't get caught in the rain. Put a tarp in all vehicles for emergencies. Camouflage Tarps have dozens of uses and make great gifts, especially for the outdoor person. In addition to blending in, camo tarps are easy to fold and store.

  • Product Specifications:

    12×12 Medium Duty Camouflage Tarp
    Weight: 2 lbs