Canopy Feet -1 3/8 inch galvanized steel


  • Product Description

    1 3/8 inch carport feet

    Foot pads secure to the bottom of your canopy legs. Slide leg poles directly into the foot pad and tighten by using the attached eye bolt.  Foot pads are conveniently sized to match the size of the leg poles on your canopy frame. Use 1 3/8 inch canopy feet with 1 3/8 inch canopy legs.

    Canopy and carport foot pads or feet are made of galvanized steel with three plate holes for secure mounting. Eye bolts are attached to tighten foot to the frame. Use our foot pads to replace old or broken feet. Or upgrade from plastic. Our steel foot pads are durable and long lasting.  

    There are several methods of connecting foot pads to the ground.  Consider weather, ground surface and wind exposure when choosing a method of anchoring your carport. Anchoring canopy feet to the ground may not be enough to secure the frame in some areas.

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