Costco 10×20 Carport Replacement Vinyl Roof
Top Only (fits dark brown frame with 11' over the peak)


  • Product Description

    Costco 10x20 carport frame Vinyl Cover  (top only) fits the dark brown frame with the push button assembly system. This frame measures 11' feet over the peak of the frame (please see measurement guide on home page). This cover fits the Costco frame like the original cover that comes in the kit. Each cover requires approximately 50 ball bungees to securely fasten it to the frame. USA made 18 ounce vinyl covers are the best choice for customers who want a long lasting waterproof, durable cover for their carport.

    Our 18 ounce vinyl is the same fabric truckers use for their side curtains. Vinyl is durable, flexible and will outlast the poly (plastic) covers by 4-6 times. Our vinyl covers have been tested for 9 years and are still going strong. While more expensive initially, these heavy duty vinyl covers do not need to be changed every 1-3 years like the poly covers. 18 ounce vinyl covers are made just like the poly ones with a valance on each side and wrap around the front and the rear of the frame using a pull string. These covers do not have the leg skirting. Our vinyl covers are each custom made and take approximately 3-4 weeks before delivery.

    Since these covers are an investment and this dark brown Costco frame requires a specific size, it is best to call to place your order. These covers come in Tan, Gray, Red, Royal blue, White, Green, Yellow, Orange and Black.

    Not sure about size? Call us, we are here to help 541-951-2861.

    A carport frame and cover have endless uses. Great at outdoor events, weddings and covered play areas. Also use at trade shows, camping, construction and as livestock shelters. Use carports and covers to shelter almost anything. Additionally, our clear covers turn your frame to a greenhouse.  Furthermore, need a new frame?  Visit us in Southern Oregon and see our extra strong steel carport frames. Made from 1 5/8" 16 gauge steel poles and are in addition, manufactured in the US.


  • Product Specifications:

    Costco 10×20 Carport Replacement Vinyl Roof
    Height: 20 feet
    Length: 10 feet
    Color: Brown
    Weight: 30