Costco Carport Replacement Vinyl FLAT TARP Cover
Top Only (fits dark brown frame with 11' over the peak)


  • Product Description

    This custom made 18 ounce vinyl top cover fits the dark brown 10x20 Costco frame which measures 11' over the peak. (See measuring guide)

    This heavy duty, durable vinyl tarp is made to fit the newer dark brown Costco frame that uses a push button assembly system.

    Our thick vinyl tarp is the more economical version of our heavy duty valanced top covers which have a 10 inch flap on each side and wrap around the front and rear of the frame using a pull rope.

    This tarp fits the Costco frame by using ball bungees through the grommetts and around the top frame poles.

    Oregon Tarp Company’s vinyl top tarp cover for the Costco10x20 frame measures 10' 7" x 29'7" with grommets placed every 18" around the perimeter. 

    Approximately 50 6" ball bungees are required to properly secure your tarp. Our tarp top cover will allow a 2-3 inch gap between the tarp and the frame for tightness.

    We stock this cover in Tan. For other colors and sizes please call 541-951-2861.

  • Product Specifications:

    Costco Carport Replacement Vinyl FLAT TARP Cover
    Height: 20 feet
    Length: 10 feet
    Color: Tan
    Weight: 20
    Thickness: 18 mil
    Material: Vinyl