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Rain or shine, we've got you covered!

Use your Frame To Make A Simple, Economical Carport Greenhouse

Use your frame to make a carport greenhouse

Make a carport greenhouse with your carport frame size 10×20 to 30×40 and our clear poly covers. Our 14 mil clear poly carport covers and enclosure kits will protect your plants from rain and frost. Our clear poly tarps are the economical solution to a quick and easy greenhouse. Use only the valanced top carport cover (comes with 10″ flaps on each side) or the whole enclosure kit. See these items at Our happy customer (pictured) has a greenhouse full of Summer starts. Converting your carport frame into a greenhouse takes a minimal amount of time and effort. No tools required.

Our heavy duty, UV-resistant, fiber reinforced polyethylene kits are washable, shrink-proof and rot-proof. All covers are rope reinforced with rust resistant grommets every 18 inches. Convert these structures to create limitless uses. Use them as a work space to allow natural light in and keep rain out. Clear tarps are great for animal shelters to create a bright space in the Winter. Don’t wait, get your greenhouse tarps today.