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Rain or shine, we've got you covered!

Introducing Our New Name, Oregon Tarp Company

We are changing our name and our look

Costless Tarps has been a trusted name in the carport cover replacement business for years. Due to new products and services, we decided to change our name and look. We have finally found a name and logo that reflects what we do. Oregon Tarp Company is easy to remember. It’s what we sell. It’s who we are. While we transition to our new name, the Oregon Tarp Company label will soon appear on custom frames and vinyl carport covers. Our new logo is now on business cards, t-shirts and hats. Be a part of the our Oregon Tarp Company Community. Purchase our new logo hats and 100% cotton T-shirts at our shop in Gold Hill. Despite our name change, you will continue to receive great service and quality products from our family run company.