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Introducing The Stay Put Picnic Blanket

Introducing the Stay Put Picnic Blanket. 35 square feet of US made heavy duty cotton with stitched seams and brass grommets. Use tent stakes to keep you blanket from rolling, folding and wrinkling while you eat.

That’s not all folks, use the grommets and cord to make a quick shade cloth on Sunny Days.

There’s more, the Stay Put Picnic Tarp makes great splat mats and play mats. Place them anywhere. And try this, lace cord through the grommets and you have a drag bag. Fill with linens, laundry, or soft stuff and drag it where needed.

The Stay Put Picnic blanket is 100% cotton, machine washable and has the Oregon Tarp Company Label.

We sell wholesale. Find our products at Costless Tarps in Gold Hill and Ashland Food Coop. Great for wineries, gift shops and delicacy food stores.