Measure Guide

Carport Measuring Guide

Carport Measuring Guide

In order to get the correct width of valance tarp, you must measure diagram C

B = Width of End Panel Needed
C = Width of Top Cover Needed

If C = 11 Then the valance roof is 11 feet wide
If C = 12 then the valance roof is 12 feet wide
If C = 14 then the valance roof is 14 feet wide
If C = 16 then the valance roof is 16 feet wide
If C = 18 then the valance roof is 18 feet wide

Example: If C=12 and your length=20, you will need a 12×20 valance top

It is very important to measure accurately when determining the correct size for a replacement cover for your carport. All carport roofs take a larger size cover than the actual carport width, for example: A 10 x 20 carport uses a 12 x 20 cover in most cases and this is because the roof has longer length over the top than the width. There are some cases where the carport will require an odd size cover such as a 10 x 20 carport needing an 11 x 20 cover. This is why measuring is very important. Do not measure from side to side. Correct measuring involves holding the tape measure from the horizontal pole and running it along the roof pole to the middle of the very top connecter. This length is then doubled and that determines your replacement cover size. Please see photos for proper measuring guidelines.

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