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Rain or shine, we've got you covered!

Mini Carports

Carport frames come in almost any size. They provide protection from the sun, rain and snow. Cover your pool pump. Create a 200 square foot storage space in 30 minutes.

Don’t forget backyard parties, weddings and play areas. These make attractive, affordable event and shade tents.

Leaving your car bake in the hot sun deteriorates paint and tires. Cover your vehicles, boats and equipment today. We have 10’x10′ canopies for tractors and  mowers and 16×40 garages for cars, boats and motor homes. Not big enough, make it longer.

Covers come in mid-weight poly to 13 ounce vinyl. Need a color to match your house? We’ve got tan, white, green, blue and gray.

Give us a call, we’ve got you covered rain or shine.

Let US put YOU in a carport today!