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Tarp Look-up Tool

tarp covered carport frame kit

Carport Frame Kits

Our 10x20 carport frame, cover and bungees is everything you need to create a storage, shelter or event solution at home or commercially. This boxed package can be shipped ready to go to your location. Looking for a heavier duty frame or just want to save on shipping? Our carport frame kits have everything you need but the poles.


Costless Tarps heavy duty carport frame Kits are the cost effective option to build your own carport frame. Purchase your poles locally and save money on shipping. These heavy duty carport frame kits require 1 5/8" galvanized steel poles. Find them at your local hardware, fence or steel supply store. Live local to Southern Oregon? We stock frames from 10' x 10' to 10' x 100' and most sizes in between. Each kit heavy duty carport frame kit comes with heavy duty 1 5/8" galvanized steel eye bolt fittings, foot pads, a 12 mil valanced carport cover and ball bungees. Also included, is a list of pole lengths needed for the frame size you want. Carport Frame Kits are easy to assemble using only eye bolts and a small bar or screwdriver for tightening. Our frame kits are great for covering boats, cars, equipment and hay. Or use them as elk tents, camping shelters, burning man camps, shade structures and anything else that needs shelter or protecting. Looking for another size? Purchase fittings, foot pads and covers separately to create the size you want. Additionally, heavy duty carport frame kits have endless uses and are completely adjustable. Add fittings and pipe to make your frame longer, remove to make your frame shorter. Need help? Call us at 541-951-2861.