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Tarp Look-up Tool

front zipper replacement carport cover

Replacement Carport Covers and Kits

You've come to the best place for carport replacement covers and kits, we sell 12 mil poly which is typically double the thickness of your hardware store blue tarp. We offer our 12 mil carport covers in tan, silver, white and green. Our sizes range from carport covers that fit a 10'x10' frame to a 28'x60' frame.


Our most popular sizes are listed on the website however, we offer many sizes you won't see, so give us a call to place your order. Do you have an odd size carport frame? Let us help, we offer custom heavy duty vinyl carport covers in a variety of colors. These covers are also available in basic sizes. They last on average 10-15 years depending on exposure. Remember to check our measurement guide when ordering your carport cover, size matters.