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tarp carport replacement side panels

Carport Canopy Replacement Sides

Our canopy side covers are true to the fit, a 20 ft long side wall tarp is truly 20ft long. If you purchase a regular flat 20ft long tarp to fit your carport, it will be 19.5 feet long as most tarps are 6" less than the stated size. Side wall canopy covers can be used with both valanced carport top covers and traditional flat carport top covers.


Side wall tarps attach to the side of a canopy frame by using ball bungees which slip through the grommet holes and wrap around the carport frame. . All side wall tarps are made of heavy-duty 12 mil poly material that is waterproof, rot-proof, and UV-resistant. We carry side wall canopy covers in white, tan, silver and green ranging in size 10ft long to 60 feet long. if you don't see your size, give us a call at 541-951-2861 and we will place your order by phone.