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Oregon Tarp Company

Heavy Duty Vinyl Carport Covers

Costless Tarps has been a trusted name in the carport cover replacement business for years. Due to new products and services, we decided to change our name and look. We have finally found a name and logo that reflects what we do. Oregon Tarp Company is easy to remember. It’s what we sell. It’s who we are. While we transition to our new name, the Oregon Tarp Company label will soon appear on custom frames and vinyl carport covers. Our new logo is now on business cards, t-shirts and hats. Be a part of the our Oregon Tarp Company Community. Purchase our new logo hats and 100% cotton T-shirts at our shop in Gold Hill. Despite our name change, you will continue to receive great service and quality products from our family run company.


Tired of replacing your carport covers after only a few years?  We have the solution, the durable, long lasting, weather-proof  VINYL carport cover.  We make these covers in the US with heavy duty 13 oz. Vinyl.  This is the same material used by semi-truckers to cover their truck loads. Vinyl carports last on average 10 years and up to 15 years in shady areas with minimal maintenance.  Here at Costless Tarps, we have tested our vinyl carports for 8 years in full sun and weather exposure and they show no sign of wear or deterioration. Just like our lighter weight poly carport covers, Vinyl carport covers have a 10" valance on each side of the carport and rope hemmed flaps in that cover the front and rear poles that tighten down, (see picture). Our heavy duty Vinyl carport covers are tailored especially for high peaked carports.  Our heavy duty covers fit Costco, Costless Tarps, Bi-Mart and many other brands of carports.  Check our measurement guide on our home page ( to ensure you order the correct size.

The majority of carports sold are 10 feet wide by 20 feet long, this size carport requires a cover that is 12 feet wide by 20 feet long.  Carport cover sizes are based on the length over the peak of the carport, not the side to side measurement (see our measurement guide on the home page).  For a 10 foot by 20 foot carport, the measurement over the peak will be either 11 feet or 12 feet.  If the measurement is 11 feet over the peak, order a 11'x20' Vinyl Carport Cover, if the measurement is 12 feet over the peak, order a 12'x20 Vinyl Carport Cover.


Our standard Vinyl carport cover comes in tan as shown in the picture, if you prefer another color, please see our vinyl color swatches and call us with your preference, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.


Do you have a 10' x 30', we can make it, how about a 12' x 40', we can do that too.  Give us a call at 541-951-2861 for your custom carport orders and prices.

Ordering two or more?  The price goes down, save 25.00 on each cover for orders of two or more.  Call 541-951-2861 to place bulk orders.