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Tarp Look-up Tool

galvanized steel fittings for tarp canopy frames

Steel Fittings

Galvanized steel fittings with eye bolts are used for a variety of projects. These heavy duty steel fittings make putting tables, shelving, canopies, etc. together a breeze. Simply slide your desired pipe length in and tighten the eye bolt down. The possibilities are endless. At CostLess Tarps, we use our steel fittings to create double- and triple-level shop shelves, industrial-style tables, benches, flat roofs, high pitch and slanted shade, and waterproof canopies. We also use these galvanized steel fittings to make railings, sign frames, raft frames, desks, greenhouses, planter boxes and even horse stalls.


Our heavy duty galvanized steel fittings are super sturdy and rust resistant. We carry 1 5/8" and 17/8". If you don't see the size or fitting you need, give us a call at 541-951-2861. We also ship 1 3/8" fittings on request.

  • 1 5/8" fitting requires a 15/8" pipe.
  • 1 7/8" fitting requires a 17/8" pipe