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20×20 Clear Tarp


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Features of 20×20 Clear Tarp

Clear or tra

The 20×20 Clear tarp is heavy-duty and strong. Tarps are waterproof, treated to prevent rot, mildew and UV damage. Clear tarps also have dense 12×14 mesh (weave) count, 12 mil thickness and 6oz. per sq. yard (1200 Denier) weight. Edges and corners are reinforced. Rust resistant aluminum grommets are spaced every 18″. Additionally, clear white-string tarps contain strong threaded interior to prevent tearing.

Turn your carport frame into a greenhouse. Use our clear conversion kit: Because they are transparent, hang on patios to protect from wind and rain. Convert a carport frame into a workshop with natural light.

Need a size not listed? We stock 5′ x 7′ to 170′ x 170′ in most tarps. Call us at 541-951-2861. Also, email
Additionally, tarps are 6 inches less than the stated size.

Because of their stretch, use bungees to anchor tarps. Above all, they do not tear the tarp. Find Ball bungees on our website. Use them for almost anything. Furthermore, visit our blog for new ideas.

clear tarps have the same durability as color tarps.:

Cover greenhouses and protect plants from the frost.

Cover items with clear tarps or areas where visibility is important.  

Prevent leaks in windows or roofing.

Shelter animal pens to allow light in and keep rain out.

Partition walls during construction.

Protect guests from sun and rain at parties, concerts or sports.



  • Width:
    20 feet
  • Length:
  • Weight:
    6.0 oz. Per Square Yard
  • Thickness:
    12 Mil
  • Material:
    High Density Woven Polyethylene
  • Grommets:
    36inch Grommet Spacing
  • Weave:
    14×14 Mesh Count
  • Additional Features:

    36″ Grommet Spacing; Super Tear Resistant; Waterproof; UV Resistant, 10 HUV; Mildew Resistant; 1200 Denier; 3 Ply Webbed Material; Acid Resistant; Reinforced Corner Guards; Arctic Flexibility

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