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Heavy Duty Ball Bungee Cords – 50 pack


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Features of Heavy Duty Ball Bungee Cords – 50 pack

Ball bungees are short pieces of rubber bungee cord looped up and knotted inside a hollow plastic ball. Use heavy duty bungees to securely fasten tarps to a canopy frame, boat, car, RV, tractor or anything else that needs a tarp. Costless Tarps ball bungees come in 6”, 9”, 11”, 13″ and 20″ lengths and in black, tan, red, and white, each one is attractively striped with black or white lines. Our tarps include grommets every 18” and 36” increments (depending on tarp type). Ball bungees work like a ponytail; insert the cord through the grommet hole, then wrap the loop around the canopy frame , then slip the ball through the loop. Ball bungees come in bags of 50. Ball bungees have endless uses for fastening, securing, containing and organizing around the home, shop and work place. 

The Many Uses for Ball Bungees (also known as tie downs)

  • Bundling up kindling.
  • Keeping your trunk closed when carrying oversized cargo.
  • Holding together extension cords, wire, rope and anything else that unravels.
  • Fastening skis, poles and boots together for carrying ease.
  • Securing lids to trash cans and any other bin with a cover.
  • Attaching string lights to houses, poles and structures.
  • Neatly storing garden hoses for the winter.
  • Attaching ID tags or keys to luggage and purses.
  • Holding coolers in place on boats, RVs, trunks and trailers.
  • Managing and organizing computer and power cords behind a desk or TV.
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