Galvanized Steel Leg Post – Fits Costco Frame (C/C1)

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  • Product Description

    Single Replacement (C/C1) Leg Post for the 10’x20’ Costco Carport, These leg posts are made of 1 5/8" galvanized steel and do not come in the dark powder coated brown as the original legs do. These legs are much thicker, sturdier and stronger than the original Costco Carport legs. These legs serve as C1 but will not have the pop up door screw holes as C1 does. (you cannot use your pop up side door with these legs.)

    Need foot pads? These are available separately and come in the original dark brown or galvanized steel. For galvanized steel foot pads see:

    Galvanized steel replacement Costco leg poles will NOT come with the push buttons in the top hole of the leg. Remove push buttons from your existing leg before replacing with new leg. Push button is easily inserted in upper leg hole by sliding piece into the top of leg.

    • Replacement galvanized steel leg (measures 75 1/2")
    • Will replace both C and C1 but will not have pop up side door hardware.
    • Fit the dark brown 10'x20' Costco Carport Canopy sold at Costco stores (Dark brown frame available for approx. the last 10 years)
    • Measures 10 feet wide, 20 feet long with a peak height of 9 foot 2 inches
    • Incline measurement over the peak is 11'. 
    • Frame has 8 legs

    NOTE: Most standard replacement parts and covers will not fit this frame due to the measurement over the peak of the frame which is 11 feet. Previous Costco frames measured 12 feet over the top of the frame (see measurement guide on home page).

    Costco replacement Carport Canopy parts are listed by part number. Don't know your number, we can help. Replacement parts are sold individually. We carry all parts. Don't see what you need, call us at 541-951-2861.