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Rain or shine, we've got you covered!

Vinyl Lasts Longer

Replacement Tan Vinyl Carport Cover

Stronger Vinyl Lasts Longer
Upgrade From Your Poly Carport Cover To Heavy Duty Vinyl

Just In, Oregon Tarp Company Heavy Duty Vinyl Carport Covers last 10-15 years. No more changing your plastic cover every few years. Vinyl covers are thick and heavy duty. And made in the USA.

Each cover comes with the same detailing as the poly covers. 12″ flaps on the sides create a rain diverting valance. Interior seams connect to the frame using ball bungees. Hemmed rope in the front and back pulls tight to create a snug fit.

Additionally, heavy duty vinyl covers come in a variety of attractive colors. Tan, blue, gray, white and forest green to name a few. Come check out our new covers at 255 Rogue River Hwy., Gold Hill OR.