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18×20 Replacement Carport Top – Tan


Our 18×20 tan replacement carport roof covers are made with thread reinforced 12 mil poly material. Compatible with 16′ wide and 20′ long frames. These covers are waterproof, rot-proof and resistant to UV damage.

Features of 18×20 Replacement Carport Top – Tan

Our Tan 18×20 (fits a 16×20 frame) heavy duty 12 mil valanced canopy tops have an additional 12 inches of material on each side giving your valuables extra protection from the elements. Valanced covers are attached using approximately 50 ball bungees which loop through each grommet and connect to the frame. Valanced tops are also part of each full canopy replacement kit along with front, back, and side walls which allows you to create a fully enclosed space. Each tarp features rust resistant grommets every 18 inches and pull ties at all four corners which tighten for a more secure fit. Valance tarps are waterproof, rot-proof, and UV-resistant.


  • Width:
    18 feet
  • Length:
  • Color:
  • Weight:
    6oz. per square yard
  • Thickness:
  • Material:
    Heavy Duty High Density Woven Polyethylene (or Poly)
  • Grommets:
    18 inch interval
  • Weave:
    12×14 Mesh Count

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