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8×50 Screen Mesh Tarp – Tan


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Features of 8×50 Screen Mesh Tarp – Tan

The 8×50 privacy fence screen is heavy duty and durable. Each tarp provides 73 percent shade while allowing 27 percent light penetration. All tarps are 6″ less than the stated size. Made of durable polypropylene, our tarps protect items underneath against the sun’s harmful UV rays. The breathable material is acid, rot, mildew and tear resistant. Additionally, it retains its’ flexibility even in arctic conditions. Additionally, mesh tarps are versatile, easy to fold and store. Use for almost any application where protection from the sun is needed and air flow is required. Mesh tarps have heat sealed seams with grommets spaced every 18″.

Ball bungees are the perfect tool for fastening screen mesh tarps and give it the right amount of tautness for a secure hold. Use screen mesh tarps to cover patios, ponds, shade plants, greenhouses, carports and anything that needs shade. Also use on pools to keep out leaves. Screen mesh tarps come in black, green, tan and blue. If you don’t see the size or color you need, we will try to find it, give us a call at 541-951-2861. We also have email,


  • Width:
    08 feet
  • Length:
  • Color:
  • Weight:
    6oz. per square yard
  • Material:
    Heavy Duty Polypropylene
  • Grommets:
    Aluminum grommets every 18 inches
  • Weave:
    73% Shade, 27% Light Allowance
  • Additional Features:

    • UV protection
    • Breathable material
    • Mildew resistant
    • Acid resistant
    • Tear Resistant
    • Hemmed & Rope Reinforced Edges
    • Artic Flexibility

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