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Costco Carport Cover-Horizontal Bar (B)


Prices are for a single unit, use the quantity selector below if you need more than 1.

Features of Costco Carport Cover-Horizontal Bar (B)

Single (B)Horizontal Bar for the 10’x20’ Costco Carport, There are 9 horizontal bars for each frame, this bar creates the length.

  • Horizontal Bar length is 6’4″ inches 
  • Genuine Costco Carport Replacement Part
  • Fit the dark brown 10’x20′ Costco Carport Canopy sold at Costco stores (Dark brown frame available for approx. the last 10 years)
  • Measures 10 feet wide, 20 feet long with a peak height of 9 foot 2 inches
  • Frame has 8 legs

NOTE: Most standard replacement parts and covers will not fit this frame due to the measurement over the top of the frame which is 11 feet. Previous Costco frames measured 12 feet over the top of the frame (see measurement guide on home page).

Costco replacement Carport Canopy parts are listed by part number. Don’t know your number, we can help. Replacement parts are sold individually. We carry all parts, if you don’t see what you need, please call us at 541-951-2861.

  • Length:
  • Weight:

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